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E3 Spark Plug


The E3 plugs have an almost circular electrode supported on three sides that creates a flame more toward the piston and the bulk of the air/fuel mixture giving it faster flame growth and a larger flame kernel providing better throttle response.

The multiple sharp edges to the circular sharp edge of the center electrode prevent the ‘arc welding’ type of material depletion of other electrode plugs giving this plug an extremely long life.

The E3 plug replaces the CR7E, CR8E, CR9E.


Note – When choosing a plug the heat range must be carefully selected for proper spark plug performance. The two most common causes of spark plug problems are carbon fouling and overheating.

Carbon fouling can happen if you do continuous low speed driving, short trips, the air-fuel mixture is too rich, or lowered compression due to wear.

Overheating results in accelerated electrode wear and can cause pre-ignition. Choose a hotter plug if you experience carbon fouling. Otherwise we recommend standard temperature plugs to avoid overheating.

Spark plugs are sold individually.

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