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DynoJet DR650 Jet Kit


DR650 90′ to current

Suzuki DR650 Jet Kit by DynoJet.

DynoJet kit stages 1&2.

Designed for use with stock engines using either stock or aftermarket exhaust and air filters.

  • Provides a simple and affordable solution to carburetor tuning problems.
  • Allows you to tune your bike for increased power and smoothness while retaining fuel economy.
  • Includes a guide booklet on how to install and use your jet kit to it’s full potential.
  • For a top quality installation we recommend adding an extended fuel screw and a set of replacement carburetor screws.

These are considered a basic jet kit, both the Procycle and JD offer more within their package.


NOTE – Info below is from our big sister store Procycle in the US and refers to the differences between the ProCycle kit and the DynoJet kit.


We created the ProCycle jet kit because the DynoJet kit left so many questions about the installation. Our kit includes much more thorough instructions, the same needle profile as the DynoJet kit, required drill bit (for removing the mixture screw plug), an extended mixture screw, new stainless allen head screws for the bowl and cap as well as the necessary jets. The jets in our kit use the Mikuni numbering sequence (same as stock) to make changing jets now and later less confusing. (The DynoJet jets are numbered on their own scale and it can be very confusing when changing jets.)

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