DRZ400 Swingarm Sticker Protection Kit


DRZ400 00′ to current


Want to cover up some ugly scars or maybe prevent them from happening in the first place, new from ABA, thick high quality clear vinyl cut to fit perfectly on your vulnerable DR650 swingarm.

Ideal on a new bike to stop any major scratches, peel off when selling to reveal a nice fresh looking shinny swingarm. Or an ideal way to glam up an old swingarm, these look trick.

Note the background is not white that’s just the backing paper, and no we didn’t skimp either, our sticker guru tells us this is the best clear vinyl on the market today, these kits are sold under our own costs of vinyl and printing.

Compared to ones done many years ago in the Dealership days ( see picture attached ) these go the full width of the swingarm keeping just inside the rolled edge.

Give your swingarm a good clean down with turps, brake cleaner or similar, scrap off the ugly tyre pressure sticker if it’s still there, start from one end line up and on she goes.

Add front mudguard stickers to give your bike that complete balanced look, again these look trick and we’ll soon have images up of stickered bikes.

Very thick quality vinyl we do these at our cost price.

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Front Fender, Set of Both, Swingarm


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