Cyclops H4 10.0 Lumen LED Bulb


Simply the brightest, smallest, most reliable H4 replacement LED light available ! Get HID performance with the benefits of LED.

Don’t be fooled by poor quality impostors with heat sinks and no fan. They simply will not last in a motorcycle or automotive closed off headlight bucket.

This is the best H4 LED headlight and only available from Cyclops and our select partners.

Proper low beam cutoff to prevent blinding oncoming drivers.

By far the best LED headlight bulb Cyclops has ever offered.

We have taken all that has been learned over the years and rolled that into our latest gen 10 bulbs.

All new metal construction for bases and collars.

Better thermal efficiency.

Better beam pattern differential between high and low beams.

This bulb uses 4 cree emitters capable of more than 2500 lumens each. The brightest Cyclops H4 bulb.


38 watts  5000 lumen

Screw on connectors at driver

Standard H4 connector

High/ low beams


Mal and Karen ” the new 10.0 is applicable to most H4 applications and is the upgrade from our original 3800 and 7000 H4’s. This bulb is better in every way. Better low beam cut off pattern, metal bases, better focus and better thermal management, our best bulb to date ”  Regards Darryl


Note – we are currently retaining the intro price of $109.95, this is a Hot ! Hot ! price for down under indeed, you will not buy a better bulb, period !



DC Voltage Only
If you have AC powered headlights, you will also need the optional rectifier. Most street legal bikes are DC powered, exceptions being the KTM EXC 250/525/530 carburetor equipped bikes and most other dirt-based dual sport bikes. The WR250R is a DC powered bike.




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