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Cogent Dynamics DL650 Fork Springs


Lightweight for reduced unsprung mass straight rate springs will give better control in all conditions, sold in pairs.

.80 springs are aprox 25 to 30% stiffer than standard and would be a great choice for the majority of all riders.

Standard spring rate is only about .65 for guys like me under 70kg ! If your up there in weight YOU HAVE to change the springs, do not kid yourself.

Add the DDC fork valve and you’ll have different bike !

Springs use different length spacers, 2004 to 2016 use a 83mm spacer due to a adjustable cap, 2017 onwards uses a 98mm spacer due to a fixed cap. Springs are listed under options –

Heavier springs can be ordered at request.


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2004 – 2016, 2017 onwards


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