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Blackbird Graphics Kit Dream 4 DRZ400


DRZ400 00′ to current

Suzuki DRZ400 Graphic Kit by Blackbird Racing Italy.

Blackbird Racing graphic kits are made using the very best materials. They are made of a high performance raw material called Crystall that is 0.5 mm thick and laminated with a super strong self adhesive, specifically designed for of off road use.

Our decals are Silk-screen printed using colour fast and brilliant inks.

To obtain the best result when installing the decal we recommend the decal be warmed slightly so they are more pliable and then applied directly onto a clean dry surface. Do not use soaps or solvents, just clean up the surface with a dry rag or use our specific decal application spray that is sold separately. Please also see the video on the BlackBird Racing website for a helpful tutorial on apply decals and seat covers.

This kit includes decals for:

Radiator Shrouds


Front Fender

Rear Fender

Note: Some bubbles in the decal will occur when applying decals to plastic fuel tanks. Fuel vapour coming through from inside the tank will cause bubbles in any decal applied to said tank. To help minimise this bubbling effect BlackBird Racing decals come with small holes on the tank part to help prevent fuel vapour being trapped behind the decal.

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