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B&B DRZ400 Muffler Insert


DRZ400 00′ to current

Suzuki DRZ400 Muffler Insert by B&B Offroad

Our baffle was designed to replace the stock insert. The baffle produces a nice note compared to the derestricted stock version and dyno test results showed an increase on 2 hp up top.

A noise test on the insert was conducted at the EPA Victoria Vehicle Test Station at Macleod under controlled conditions with Class 1 meters.

ADR Signature dB(A) & test RPM ADR tess with B&B Tip
Suzuki DRZ 400 93 dB(A) @ 3375 RPM 97 dB(A) @ 3375 RPM


Some extra details:

  1. The ADR test is conducted at an engine speed which is 50% of the engine rpm at which the engine develops maximum power. However, this engine speed is determined when the bike is in restricted form, with a throttle restrictor that stops the throttle being fully opened. This is why the ADR engine test speeds are so low. However, they are the engine speeds used to determine compliance.
  2. On the ADR test, the B&B tip was over the signature noise emission, but a tolerance of 5 dB(A) is allowed before prosecution would be initiated. With this tolerance, the insert would not be prosecuted as it is just 4 dB(A) over the signature.
  3. When tested with the standard OEM tips (as fitted when delivered from Suzuki Australia), the Suzuki came in at 95 dB(A) for the ADR test


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