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ACT DRZ400 Wide Ratio Gear Set


DRZ400 00′ to current

Suzuki DRZ400 Wide Ratio Gearbox Kit by Advanced Clutch Technology USA.

100WRSZ1 is a wide-ratio gear set engineered and manufactured to exact specifications for direct replacement of the factory gears. ACT wide-ratio gears incrementally broaden second through fifth gear, allowing increased range for off-road riding or higher top speeds. All ACT wide-ratio gear sets are made of properly heat-treated and case-hardened, chrome-moly steel.

Feel: Experience more versatility, making the ride both easier and more enjoyable;

Life: Maximum life using heat-treated and case-hardened gear steel;

Quality: Robustly engineered, precisely machined and precision ground;

Recommended Use: Recommended for Dual Sport Adventure Riders, Street use, Desert, or Supermoto;

ACT Difference: Utilize the full, broad power band by incrementally spacing 2nd thru 5th gear ratios, using sprockets that make sense for all riding needs;

NOTE: Shift fork modifications are required for the installation of the ACT wide ratio gear set. Instructions are included. Modified shift forks are also available via order.

Since 1994 US based company Advanced Clutch Technology has specialized in delivering the highest performing driveline components for the automotive industry. Through outstanding customer service, product quality and reliability. ACT has earned a reputation as an industry leader. This commitment to excellence has supported race teams to numerous victories and championships around the world, and allows us to offer the same winning results to you !

NOTE – there is seven in our group all with wide ratio gearboxes fitted to their DRZ’s. Mine was done from brand new as well as the 434 kit ( some refer to it as a 440 kit ) Others in the group have had WR gearboxes fitted on their bikes from a couple thousand klms to sixty thousand klms. One is standard 400, most with a 434 kit and two with 470 stroker kits. Let’s face it less revs equals less wear, less fuel and a longer life for these bikes. From single track to high speed transport the wide ratio gearbox transforms your bike. If you want the best lightweight adventure bike in the world this is it. Not sure what else we can add but If you require further information email us. The Americans are blown away we have sold a LOT of these !

NOTE – if you want to know more about the big bore kits much is written there, clearly listed under this same category ‘engine’

PLEASE NOTE – there is also the writeup of Australian Adventure Magazine owner Kurt’s bike within our blog pages ‘Mal’s Bike Diaries’ on our website although I’m sure you’ve read that. If not you may gain additional information from reading that article.

NOTE – There is a video on our facebook page of my first ride on the new bike. There are also YouTube Advanced Clutch Technology videos of the build and bike in use for those that want to do more searching.

NOTE – DRZ guru Alex Kelly owner of Skinny’s Garage in Brisbane also specializes in these and offers and exchange motor and gearbox program.

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