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ABA DRZ400 Pannier Racks


DRZ400 00′ to current

Suzuki DRZ400 Pannier Racks by ABA  ( Adventure Bike Australia )

Quality DRZ400 Pannier Racks made exclusively for Adventure Bike Australia and made right here in SE Queensland. Go ahead zoom right in check them out, 1.6mm steel tubing, strong very well made with a durable black powder coated finish, ABA pannier racks at just $389.95.

Whether your planning an overnighter, the big desert trek or cape trip pannier racks just make life so much more simple, people in general have a habit of carrying way way too much gear. Pannier racks help to keep your weight lower and more balanced. They also offer excellent protection in case of a fall or sometimes many falls !

Soft or hard panniers can be attached and also includes mounting system for rotopax or similar.

Pannier racks are supplied with necessary mounting hardware being spacers, bolts, washers. we even supply a templet for those of you that use Steg Pegz, no one else does that !

NOTE – supplied 40mm spacer is used on the left side, the 42mm spacer used on the right hand side of your motorcycle.

Basic instructions –

These pannier racks were designed and made based around a standard DRZ400. Pannier racks should work with all carry racks, use the bolts supplied with the ABA pannier racks. In some cases minor modifications, spacers or longer bolts may need to be used subject to what brand carry rack you use. There would be a half dozen or more different racks on the market, all these products are fighting for just the few mounting points available on a motorcycle. In a lot of cases the pannier racks will have no bearing on a carrier rack as per the attached images as we choose to use Pro Moto Billet Carry Racks.


Again once with everything finger tight work your way around the rack putting more turns on the bolts as you go till everything is tight and secure.

Some may choose to use a low strength thread lock, nut lock, lock tight or similar.

NOTE – images mounted on bike are supplied by good friend Neil mounted on his own DRZ400.

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