ABA DR650 H/Duty Case Saver


DR650 96′ to current

NEW for summer and exclusive intro price just for ABA customers.

Nothing like giving our customers a choice we say. We’ve worked with our good friends at B&B Offroad to bring you another DR650 heavy duty case saver option, this one works the same but has a totally different look, and what a great job they’ve done, we love it !

The 6mm aluminum base will protect your engine cases should your chain ever break or derail. On top of that is a 4mm piece to keep your pants and pinkies and other things out of the chain as well. These are brilliant over the standard issue cover and makes checking on your chain and sprocket and cleaning a breeze.

We’ve given you a few images so you can compare and choose the one you like, the slatted one with the ABA logo of the road disappearing into the mountains or the original B&B with drilled hole look, Adventure Bike Australia giving our customers plenty of choice !


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