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ABA DR650 Centrestand With Low Peg Mount Option.


DR650 96′ to current

Suzuki DR650 ABA Centre Stand with Low Peg Mount Option.

A must-have accessory for anyone travelling with luggage. Makes loading and unloading a bike heaven. Popular item that makes chain maintenance, tyre changes and bike cleaning a breeze. Nice way to store the bike in the garage with no chance of being knocked over.

Please note this is a first, we have a new low foot peg mount system that can be purchased as an option with this centre stand, this keeps the pegs closer in and moves the pegs slightly lower and rearward. ALL centre stand brands push your peg mounts wider once mounted, this new system allows your mounts to remain in a similar position although lower and more reward which is what most people are chasing anyway. NO there is not a range of peg mount options, our engineer and DR enthusiast friend could only manufacture these mounts in one set position using the centre stand making these approx 20mm lower and 35mm rearward. Get a tape measure squat next to your bike to determine approx where the peg mounts will sit, STUDY the images as note ALL attached images are with the new low mount system. NOTE these low mounts can ONLY be used in conjunction with the ABA or SW Motech centre stand. Extra spacers supplied are for the right ie foot pedal side as per the image with red circle.

The original DR650SE rear suspension has two position settings (high or low). Centre stands raise the rear wheel off the ground when using the “low” setting. For bikes using the “high” setting, the rear tire may not be fully lifted off the ground when the center stand is deployed. The legs of the stand cannot safely be made longer; extending the centre stand legs would limit cornering clearances and could cause the centre stand to hit the ground during hard cornering.

Manufactured in SE Queensland and exclusive to Adventure Bike Australia.

All necessary hardware is included.

Study the images.

Easy install using basic hand tools however additional information in the final highlighted paragraph.

Tough black powder coated finish.



  • Installation of the centre stand moves the foot pegs outward by approx 19mm each side UNLESS using the NEW specific low offset peg mount additional kit.
  • Installation in conjunction with lowered Procycle, Wirtz Wire and JNS foot pegs mounts may not allow proper rear brake adjustment without adjustment to the brake lever.
  • For riders who wish to run the center stand and any of the lowered footpegs we recommend installing a Warp 9 brake pedal. The Warp 9 pedal is arched to give the necessary clearance under the pedal.


NOTE – fits the same as the SW Motech, reasonably simple if you view the images however there is a pdf file of instructions under the SW Motech if people wish to view below.

Click on link below for fitting instructions

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Centrestand, Centrestand with Low mounts


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