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Ralle Moto DR650 Steering Damper


Kit fits all DR650’s 96′ to current

Suzuki DR650 Steering Damper by Ralle Moto ( MSC Australia )

Riding with the RM3 steering damper kit on your big DR is a great way to get that extra stability and confidence over a huge range of terrains and types of riding. As one of our most popular steering damper fitments we manufacture you can rest assured you are not diving in to the unknown installing a steering damper !

Reports from customers over the last 15 years of fitting the Ralle Moto steering dampers to the DR650 have been extremely positive.

The DR650 fitment is a fairly easy install. The mounts have minimal impact on handlebar style, size or height. Basically if you already have a bar position that is 15mm or more from standard then this kit will install with no change to your handlebar setup. If you still have handlebars in the standard position then you will need to install the supplied 15mm risers and new bolts supplied in the kit.

This kit includes:

  • RM3 Steering damper unit
  • Riser spacers
  • Pin post
  • Damper mount bracket
  • Bolt kit
  • Instruction manual

This kit will raise your handle bars height by ~15mm.

Personally I wouldn’t have a DR without one ! Heaven ! and saved my ass too many times ! Highly recommended !

NOTE – images of steering dampers mounted to friends DR650’s, Matt’s Acerbis 25lt tank and Warp 9 Risers and Tapered Bars, Steve’s Safari 30lt tank and Warp 9 Risers and Tapered Bars. Our ABA DR800 Outback. We use steering dampers on ALL our bikes.




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