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Staintune DRZ400 Sports Muffler


DRZ400E 02′ to current

Suzuki DRZ400E Sports Muffler by Staintune.

Staintune has returned with new Australian manufacturers, nothing will change it’s reputation synonymous the legendary DRZ400 Staintune stainless sports race muffler is back. This system is what others are judged by, it’ll out last them all and perform at the highest level.

Note – in stock and available for immediate shipping, comes well packaged in a large box, yes it’s true we will ship Australia wide for just $9.95 !

·         Description

The dual purpose DRZ400 summarises the perfect bike for the adventurer that enjoys simple trail riding and an open road. It is a strong foundation to build a great adventure bike that is light weight and reliable. While a solid adventurer, with only 400cc behind it, the lack of power was something we knew we needed to address with our design.

When designing the Sports Muffler for the Suzuki DRZ400 we focused on reducing dead weight in the suspension and also adding a decent exhaust note. The design of the sports muffler uses a 50mm stainless steel straight core to improve bottom torque and make the bike less restrictive. Our design resulted in a 4 horsepower gain over standard with a more responsive throttle and much lighter back end which completely changed the rideability of the DRZ.

The on road test of the DRZ400 fit with a Staintune Round Sports Race Muffler resulted in considerable gains from the bottom end and through the mid-range. The throttle response on the Suzuki DRZ400 is crisp, as you crack the throttle, you’ll get an instant response.

Overall, as a rider you will experience much nicer rideability with a deep exhaust note. Truly turning your quiet and reliable bike into something you want to show off to your mates.

Noise Emissions:                                                                             

  • Restrictors In: 94dba  @  3200rpm
  • Restrictors Out: 99dba  @  3200rpm

The system meets ADR requirements for noise emissions. The exhaust note is smooth and deep. Your Staintune muffler will provide a degree of safety while riding on the road without being irritable.


  • 304 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Polished Stainless Finish
  • 50mm Stainless steel straight core
  • 4 Horsepower Increase
  • Stationary noise test label provided
  • Slip joint to the OEM Header or the Staintune big bore header
  • Australian Made

Weight Savings:

The standard exhaust on a DRZ400 weighs 5.2kg. The Staintune Sports Muffler weighs 3.2kg, saving 2.0kg


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