Motion Pro Oil Filter Magnet


  • Reduce wear, and significantly increase your engine life.
  • Easy to install. Attaches to base of standard oil filter.
  • Powerful magnet traps abrasive metal particles down to 1 micron.
  • OEM oil filters only filter particles down to 90 microns, leaving behind the most harmful particles to circulate through your engine.


  • ” Now, a bit of advice here for you and your wonderful customers, put the magnet on the OUTSIDE of the filter, where there is no hole (on the solid side). The reason is that it is more visible when you change the filter and you remember to pull it off and put it on the next filter. If you put it on the intake side (where the hole is) you tend to pull the filter off, toss it in the tub and VAVOOM! It is GONE. Just a nice word there from Mr. Know-It-All. “

The little piece above came to me from my friend at Procycle in Oregon, he was telling me the above story in our daily emails !! I figure it was worth telling exactly the way he wrote it !



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