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Newfren DR650 Clutch Springs

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DR650 96′ to current

Suzuki DR650 Clutch Springs by Newfren

Quality European after-market clutch springs, 10% stiffer for increased clutch performance.


Newfren spa is an Italian manufacturer and a world leader when it comes to after-market brake and clutch components.

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1 review for Newfren DR650 Clutch Springs

  1. Dave Impey (verified owner)

    Did the nsu safety wire kit [which was great] and decided if I am going to all that trouble I will put in the Newfren clutch kit as well and for $20 why would you not do the springs at the same time? Supposed to be 10% stiffer and probably are but certainly doesn’t make the clutch feel any different. It was all straight forward and seems to work perfectly.

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