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ABA DR650 Centrestand Low Mounts


DR650 96′ to current

Low foot peg mounts to work with DR650 Centre Stands.

NOTE these ONLY work with a Centre Stand and will work with either the new ABA or the SW Motech Centre Stand.

Centre Stands push your peg mounts approx 19mm wider, with this option it keeps them in closer all but approx 20mm lower and 35mm rearward. Most people find the standard foot peg position cramped ( unless your like me at less than five and half foot tall with a short inseam ) Grab a tape measure crouch next to your bike to determine where they will sit also study the images as ALL images are taken with the low mount system.

Designed and fabricated by DR owner and engineer in SE Queensland. Exclusive ABA product only.

Again note you are purchasing the low mount only that works in conjunction with a Centre Stand, these are the only mounts designed and manufactured to work with DR650 Centre Stands in the world.

Additional images and information under ABA Centrestand under category ‘body/frame’

NOTE – supplied spacers are used on the right side as per the last image.

NOTE – the DR was designed a long time ago around very short small lightweight Japanese test riders. Lowering mounts on DR650’s are huge sellers, we have three additional options listed under category ‘controls’

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